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Welcome to CPE (Continuing Professional Education)
Continuing Medical  Education (CME), Continuing Nursing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Social Work Education (CSWE) consists of educational activities which serve to, or increase knowledge, develop skill, and enhance professional performance. 

CME/CEU credits / CSWE contact hours may be earned through events provided by the NYC Health + Hospitals - Continuing Professional Education Program.  Events will earn credit hours based upon the number of learning contact hours.  As a participant, individuals may register for learning sessions, review credits earned, and print certificates for credits or attendance. 

01.31.2021 - Webinar
Gouverneur Pediatric Lecture Series: IMPACT- Support Vulnerable Families | Code:CPEM 19-13.12
01.28.2021 - Webinar
Lincoln-Pediatric Grand Rounds - Why, What and How of Quality Improvement | Code:CPEM 19-34.31
01.26.2021 - NYC H+H/Jacobi
Pediatrics Grand Rounds-"Ending the HIV Epidemic: The Role of Pediatricians" | Code:CPEM 19-15.45
01.19.2021 - NYC H+H/Jacobi
Pediatrics Grand Rounds-"Approach to Pediatric Allergic Rashes" | Code:CPEM 19-15.44
01.14.2021 - Webinar
Lincoln-Pediatric Grand Rounds - Foreign Body Ingestion | Code:CPEM 19-34.30
01.13.2021 - Webinar
Gouverneur Pediatric Lecture Series: IMPACT- Support Vulnerable Families | Code:CPES 19-13.12
01.12.2021 - NYC H+H/Jacobi
Pediatrics Grand Rounds-"Medicaid Health Home Care Management Program for Kids" | Code:CPEM 19-15.43
01.12.2021 - Kings County Hospital 451 Clarkson Ave. OBGYN Conference Room C-5211 Brooklyn, NY 11203
Department of OBGYN Presents " Ingraining an Equity Lens in Quality & Safety" | Code:CPEM 18-34R.13
01.12.2021 - Woodhull Medical Center Tumor Board Conf. Room #2
Tumor Board Grand Rounds | Code:CPEM 21-05.1
01.05.2021 - NYC H+H/Jacobi
Pediatrics Grand Rounds-"Childrens Environmental Health: Prescriptions for Prevention" | Code:CPEM 19-15.42
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